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Income Tax Organizers
***If we have prepared your tax return previously, please call or email us and we will send you a personal organizer. Your personal organizer has your prior year information (for easy comparison), your appointment, and everything specific to your tax situation.
The following "write in" organizer forms will show you the information needed to prepare your income tax return and help to organize your tax information. If you have the full version of Adobe you will be able to type in your information. 
You will need Adobe Reader to access the following files, if you do not have Adobe you may download it for free at


 Each of these organizers are specific to a tax form or situation



If you have not seen us before or have a new member in your family please fill out this form. Client General Information


This Questionnaire should be completed by everybody


This sheet is used for W-2's and 1099-R's (Wages and Pensions)


If you itemize your deductions (medical expenses, mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions and more) this form will assist you in gathering all your allowable deductions. Itemized Deduction Information


This worksheet will help you gather your interest & dividend income


If you have sold stocks or a home this sheet will help you gather the pertinent information for us to calculate your gains or losses


This form will help you break down your child care expenses by dependent and organization providing care


If you have a home office this form will help you gather the information needed for us to calculate your deduction


Rental Income & Expense Worksheet to break down your expenses


If you have your own Self Employment business this form helps you break out your income and expenses


This form will assist in gathering your Higher Education Expenses


If you have a Farm, Grove, Vineyard or raise Miniature Donkeys you will need to fill in this info


Have additional information, write it here for us


If you use your personal vehicle for work or if you have any unreimbursed employee business expenses, use this form


If you have any non cash charitable donations fill this in




Other Forms


  • This W-9 Form is needed to obtain a subcontractors Federal ID number and address

  • The W-4 is to change the amount of withholding on your paycheck

  • I-9 is required when any new employee is hired

  • SS-4 is used to apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number. Use this link to apply online.




You can find all Federal forms at www.irs.govand all CA state forms